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Car Transport Tips
It isn’t always the best idea to go with the cheapest quote for reliable car transport service. If you shop around, you quickly recognize that is pricing is on the lower end of what is out there, but not rock bottom. Every auto transport company pays just about the same amount for fuel, their drivers, and their vehicles. If one company’s price is considerably lower than the rest of us, chances are that they are compromising service.

Find out how long the car transport service company has been in business. Just because someone has a flashy website and an 800 number, doesn’t mean they know what it takes to get your car moved. Exclusive Auto Logistics agents have as much as 30 years experience transporting cars. We’ve seen it all and truly know what to expect. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Ask how long it will take to get your car moved. You would think that every company would immediately transport your car to it’s destination after pickup. In some cases though, transport companies will pick your car up and place it in their terminal for days or even weeks before actually heading to your delivery point. Make sure your vehicle will be there when you need it.

Take all portable electronics out of the vehicle. Your car is insured while in our care, but any portable electronic device is not. If you have a satellite radio, GPS, or pull-out stereo, make sure you remove it before transport. In most cases your home-owner’s insurance would cover it, but why take the chance. Those types of devices, in clear view, increase the odds of a break in. Don’t risk it!

Inspect your vehicle at pick-up and delivery. While damage only occurs on rare occasions, it does happen. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the vehicle upon pick-up and delivery. Take a couple of minutes and make sure you don’t miss anything. After you sign a vehicle inspection report upon delivery, you won’t have another chance to claim any damage. If you are having someone else accept delivery in your place, make sure they know to do the same.

Make sure you get the FULL price. Often times, auto shippers will quote a price that doesn’t quite include everything. We have seen companies add anything from fuel surcharges to oversized vehicle charges. Ask if there are any charges in addition to what you have been quoted. Exclusive Auto Logistics will always give you an accurate quote without any add-ons.

Let Exclusive Auto Logistics Company be your dependable and reliable auto mover.
Call 877-363-4120 or fill out our FREE QUOTE today!
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