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Vehicle Transport
When is Vehicle Transport a Good Idea? If you've been considered vehicle transport, here are a few situations where it may help you. If any of these situations apply to you, using vehicle transport is something you should consider. These are situations where vehicle transport is most helpful.

Anyone who is dealing with a long distance move. When moving across country, you will put a lot of extra miles on your car, spend money on fuel, lodging and food during the drive, and be very tired when you make it to your new home. If you choose vehicle transport, you will be able to ship your belongings with another company, ship your car, and go to your new home via plane. This will save time, money, and frustration.

For those who are moving overseas, you won't have any other choice if you want to keep the same car. This is especially convenient for those who do not want to have to deal with the hassle of selling the car and buying a different one when they arrive at their new home. The car must of course meet the legal requirements of the destination country before it can be delivered.

Car collectors. Car collectors are very conscious of the mileage on many of their vehicles, and know what excess mileage can do to the value of the vehicle. Many car collectors use closed transport to get their vehicles from point A to point B so as to protect their investments from potentially damaging weather. Closed transport is more expensive, and is insured as open transport. There are rarely any instances where the average consumer needs to use the closed transport option—though it is a personal choice if finances allow.

Car dealers. For car dealers who share inventory across more than one lot, driving the cars from lot to lot can add a lot of miles over time. For large shipments, using vehicle transport is a viable option to keep profit margins in line as the increased mileage on a vehicle decreases the value of the car. The insurance will protect the investment from any damages.

When you choose to use vehicle transport, generally no more than 5 miles are added to the engine. Door-to-door service is often available, but if your street or driveway cannot accommodate the transporter, you will have to arrange another pickup area which may add more miles to the vehicle. A person must be designated to meet the transporter at both the pickup and delivery locations to ensure the vehicle stays protected and in good condition.

Remember there are several different things that must be done to your car before it can be shipped, including: cleaning, removing all personal belongings, disabling all alarm systems, and ensuring the fluid levels are adequate. When you have shopped around and chosen a company, be sure to ask if there are any company specific requirements you must follow to ship your vehicle. If for any reason the vehicle is not in running condition, additional charges may be incurred.
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