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Client Testimonials
Dear Mr. Fisher,
This letter is to express my complete satisfaction with your vehicle shipping service. My mother passed away in March. She had left her personal automobile to my son who lives in Charlotte, NC, as do I. The car was in New Hampshire. My brother had volunteered to drive it down and fly back to New England. He also suggested that we could ship it. After considering the wear on the car, the wear on my brother, the cost of gasoline, a night’s lodging during the drive down, and a one-way airfare back up, shipping the car was definitely the way to go. The vehicle shipping service was excellent, taking only two days and was a great bargain. Also, the car was delivered to my front door! You offer a great vehicle shipping service at a great price, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone in need of shipping an automobile. Thanks for great service and an expedient solution to my family’s problem.
Deidra Emmons
Dear Mr. Fisher,
Thank you for the great service getting my Subaru from Virginia to Montana. I checked with several shipping companies and either got the run around or was told both Virginia and Montana were so far out of the way that it was near impossible to provide transportation. Shipping companies that would consider moving the vehicle had such bad feedback from customers that I wasn’t comfortable using them. I did try one company prior to contacting your company and after waiting for several weeks gave up on them.

I called your company on a Monday and the car was picked up in Virginia on Wednesday night and arrived in Montana on Friday evening. Because of winter roads the car was dirty but a wash job and it was as good as new. Thank you again for the great service.

Glen Monson
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