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Shipping A Car
What does it Take?
When you plan on shipping a car, you will want to be sure you consider all the things you need to do to prepare your car for shipping. This will examine the steps you should take to get your vehicle ready after you have chosen your auto shipping company and booked your reservation.

Clean out the vehicle. You should not have any personal belongings in the vehicle. You'll want to remove all these items and ensure the inside is clean. You can stow up to 100 pounds in the trunk of the vehicle, provided all these items are properly secured in the trunk. Your vehicle should be clean on the outside, too, to ensure the inspection is easily performed.

Remove all GPS systems and satellite radios. These items will not be allowed in your vehicle during transport. Remove these items and have them shipped via package carrier to your destination.

Remove any CD Players, radios, or other equipment not installed in the vehicle. This will protect them against damage or loss. Ship them with a package carrier to the destination if they are to go with the vehicle.

Retract or remove all antennas. These will interfere with being able to transport your vehicle. You'll need to remove the antennas if they do not retract, and ship them to the location where the car will be with a package carrier.

Remove any luggage or bike racks that are not permanently affixed to the vehicle. As with the antennas, these will interfere with the ability to transport your vehicle. Arrange to ship these items with a package carrier so they will be there to re-attach to the vehicle when it arrives.

Remove all spare tire covers, grill covers, and car covers. These should also be shipped with a package carrier so they are out of the way for the auto shipping company. This ensures there is less to potentially damage the car during transport.

Inspect your vehicle. You'll want to inspect the vehicle to ensure it is ready for the new climate when it arrives. Make sure there is enough anti-freeze, oil, and all other fluids in the vehicle. Ensure all filters are clean.

Watch the gas. You'll need at least 1/8 of a tank of fuel in the vehicle, but no more than a tank in order to transport the car.

By handling all of these things up front after you make your reservation, you will be one step ahead of the game when the day comes to ship the car. This will ensure you have enough time to handle all the other aspects of your move, or any other business you must attend to while the car is being moved. You will be responsible for the car being prepared to ship before the driver arrives to pick up the car. If any issues arise, you may incur other charges. Some states require the vehicle be in running condition in order to transport, so if your vehicle is not, you may incur other fees. The representative of the company you choose will be able to assist you with this aspect of the reservation.

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