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  General Vehicle Shipping Guidelines
» Exclusive Auto Logistics Company is a licensed & bonded broker.
» Exclusive Auto Logistics most commonly uses car carriers known well by Exclusive Auto Logistics, who have presented a proven track record of reliability and integrity.
» Customer needs to understand that any information given to customer is based on information provided by those car carriers. Our information is only as good as the information given to us by the carriers we use.
» Customer needs to understand that Exclusive Auto Logistics Company does not own or control the independent carriers and should not be held responsible for their non-performance.
» Customers having one car delivered cross-country must understand that most of these independent carriers will have 8-9 pickups and deliveries as they cross the country. In these situations, it is possible for the carriers to get off-schedule if one or two of those pickups and deliveries are delayed due to traffic, weather, or vehicle breakdowns.
» Exclusive Auto Logistics Company is a broker. As a broker, we make a nominal fee for this service. Any delays or non-performance by the carriers is not a representation of Exclusive Auto Logistics’s ability to give you, our customers, accurate information. The carrier’s performance is only as good as the information provided to us. We regret any disruption to your plans that may be caused by the carrier’s inability to keep on their schedule.
» If for any reason you cancel your order with Exclusive Auto Logistics Company within 10 days of your scheduled pickup date, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be accessed and the remaining monies paid as a deposit shall be refunded.
You are acknowledging by signing this letter that you understand that Exclusive Auto Logistics Company is not responsible for any acts or omissions, including acts of negligence and willful misconduct of the carrier of your vehicle.

Further, you understand and agree that Exclusive Auto Logistics Company is not responsible for any damages, real or consequential, to your vehicle that is a result of delays in shipment or in placing the vehicle with the carrier. Exclusive Auto Logistics Company is also not responsible for wrongful delivery or for any physical damage to the vehicle caused by the carrier.

Finally, although Exclusive Auto Logistics Company will make all reasonable efforts to place your vehicle with a carrier adequately insured in accordance with ICC rules and regulations. Exclusive Auto Logistics Company is not responsible for any damages resulting from status of the carrier’s insurance.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions contained in this letter and further that I agree with said terms and conditions.

Let Exclusive Auto Logistics Company be your dependable and reliable auto mover.
Call 877-363-4120 or fill out our FREE QUOTE today!
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