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Open and Enclosed Transportation and Exotic Car Transportation
Open Car Carrier Transportation Service
The least expensive but most often chosen service is open care carrier transport. Your car is usually placed on a double-decker car hauler and sometimes, a 3-4 car carrier. This service handles the bulk of cars delivered throughout the United States. Every car is chained down to a specific deck and the car will stay there for the entire trip until it needs to be delivered. Drivers call prior to delivery to set up a time or a delivery meeting point if they cannot get the truck down your street due to size. Your car is open to the elements and in most cases nothing happens to your car other than getting real dirty.

Enclosed Car Carrier Transportation Service and Exotic Car Transportation
This service is approximately 60-100% more than open car carrier service. This service fits a very specific need. This service is generally used in instances where the vehicle is very valuable, rare, or fragile. No matter where you live, you’ve got to have your car. Enclosed Car Carrier Service provides you with the peace of mind that your car will not be in the elements. Not many cars warrant needing enclosed car carrier service, the choice becomes personal and you have to decide which you prefer or need. With the dawn of car collections, enclosed car carrier services have been used to deliver dream cars. A high cost, but sometimes the peace of mind makes it a worthy choice.

Open Shipping Car Transportation vs. Enclosed Carrier
Open truck auto shipping is the least expensive form of auto shipping and by far the most common method. Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements while on the truck, but other than a little rain and the occasional pebble, it should be just fine. If you want your car protected from weather and road elements, the best way to ship is an enclosed trailer, but enclosed trailers can cost as much as twice as an open trailer. Since there are fewer spots available on an enclosed carrier, the charge per car is much higher.

Enclosed auto transport is typically 60% to 100% more expensive than open auto transport. Enclosed auto transport means your vehicle will be protected from the elements and exposure inside a trailer. Damage to vehicles on an enclosed trailer is rare. You’ll be insured the whole way, just in case. If you are moving a collector or classic automobile, you won’t find a safer method to transport your vehicle than our enclosed vehicle shipping service. Our carriers will do everything short of waxing your car to make sure it arrives in the shape that it left in.

Exclusive Auto Logistics Auto Transport offers both methods of shipping your car, truck, or SUV and is here to help you decide which method is best. Either way, your vehicle will be in good hands

Let Exclusive Auto Logistics Company be your dependable and reliable auto mover.
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