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Car Transportation
Car Transportation is also commonly known as auto transport, or auto shipping. It involves using a licensed, reputable, company to send your vehicle from one place to another—usually across several states, or even overseas. Local moves can also be arranged for those who want to move a vehicle without adding excessive mileage. Excessive mileage decreases the overall value of the car and causes wear and tear on the vehicle which may lead to costly repairs later.

Car transportation is a cost effective solution compared to hiring an individual to drive your vehicle or driving it yourself for a number of reasons. When you hire an individual, you assume a lot of risk as this person is likely not insured against any damage that may occur, and he or she may not ever deliver the car to the destination. Even if you know the individual very well, it will save them time and hassle as well.

When you drive the car yourself, and you are not moving to the destination where the car will be left, you'll not only have to deal with the excess wear and tear on the vehicle, but the expense of gas, lodging, and food during the drive, in addition to a bus fare or air fare to get back to your destination. You will either waste a paid vacation from work, or lose wages from having to take time off to drive the car. Using a car transportation company to move the car from point A to point B, generally, you won't add more than 5 miles to the engine.

Car transportation is useful for: those who are moving across the country, who are sending a car to another person as a gift, dealers who are moving inventory across multiple lots, and car collectors who want to protect their investments. Anyone moving overseas will be able to use this service to keep their car and eliminate the worry of having to sell their car before the move and having to find a new one when they get there.

Car transportation is available in open transport or closed transport. Closed transport will cost more than open transport because only one vehicle can be transported at a time, whereas open transport allows for more than one car to be chained to a trailer and moved together. Both forms of transportation are insured against damages.

Cars must be in running condition, clean, and free of personal belongings in order to use an auto carrier. If for any reason the car is not in running condition, you will have to pay additional fees to the carrier to have it moved. Some carriers cannot transport vehicles that are not running, so you may need to shop around to find one that will fit your needs.

The more time you have before the actual move, the cheaper the rate will be. Some companies will be able to arrange for same day pickup at an additional fee. If money is a concern however, you'll want to be as flexible as possible with your dates and schedule the reservation as far in advance as possible.

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