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Auto Transportation
Auto Transportation is a viable solution for those who need to transport their vehicle to another area of the country or overseas, without adding too many miles to the engine. If you are a car dealer who runs more than one lot, it is a great way to move your cars around without increasing the mileage and therefore decreasing the value. For anyone who is planning a cross country move, this is a great solution because you can ship the car along with your other belongings, traveling on an airplane in comfort, rather than having to drive your vehicle to your new home. When you get a quote for your auto transportation, you will also find out how long it will take for your car to arrive. In many cases, it arrives in around 5 business days, though it may take up to 14, depending on the origin, destination, and the distance in between.

If you are planning to move to another country overseas, using auto transportation is the only way you can get your car to move with you. For many, this is much easier than selling the vehicle prior to the move and spending time and money to find a vehicle when they arrive in the new country.

Using auto transportation is cheaper than renting another vehicle or purchasing a different one. At all times during the auto transport the vehicle is insured against all damages so the owners do not have to worry about the condition and safety of their vehicle. Because miles are only added to the vehicle's engine during loading and unloading of the vehicle, you'll usually only gain 5 miles on the engine, so there is virtually no wear and tear on your vehicle, saving you more money in the long run.

There are two different options available for auto transportation: open and closed transport. Open transport involves no more than four vehicles per trailer, where each vehicle is chained down to a certain place until delivered. Closed transport is available at a rate 60% to 100% higher than open transport. Contact your auto carrier for more information.

Enclosed shipping is traditionally used for valuable vehicles as this will stop all exposure to weather. This option is available for anyone, though car collectors are more commonly seen taking advantage of it. Despite the fact that damage is much less likely to occur with enclosed shipping, the vehicle is still insured against all damage.

To prepare your vehicle for auto transportation, there are several different things that should be done. If your vehicle is not in running condition, prepare to pay additional fees. You'll need to disable all alarms, remove all stereo, GPS and other equipment not installed in the vehicle. There should not be any personal belongings in the vehicle, though if necessary, some may be stored in the trunk, so long as they weigh less than 100 pounds and are properly secured. Notify the company of any modification the vehicle has, and provide them with more than one phone number to stay in touch with you during the auto transportation.

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