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Auto Transport
Did you know auto transport services are a wonderful and cost effective way to take care of your vehicle while moving it a long distance to save money on fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle? If you're moving across the country, a vehicle collector, or a vehicle dealer, using auto transport services is a good idea to preserve the vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle you need to get moved from one place to another, you may be able to find a company offering a multiple car discount to help save money.

Auto transport services are available in either open or closed transport. In most cases, open transport suites the needs of the average consumer. Closed transport is available to protect the vehicle from the elements, and is usually used by car collectors. If you decided to use closed transport, you can expect to pay nearly double what you would for open transport. Both are insured against damages. Each company offers enough insurance to completely replace your vehicle, up to $750,000. This is to protect you as the consumer, the company, and the vehicle being transported.

Once you take time to consider the cost of fuel to drive the car to its destination, plus the cost of lodging and food necessary to care for the driver, in addition to any lost wages due to having to take time away from work to drive the car—it's much more expensive to do the auto transport yourself than it is to hire an auto transport service. The further in advance you plan, the better deal you can find when it comes to a quote you can afford with a vehicle shipping service. In shopping around, you will be able to find the best deal possible to save you the most money.

Many different kinds of vehicles can be shipped with auto transport, including: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV's, Recreational Vehicles, Antique Cars, Custom Cars, Heavy Machinery and Boats. The price will vary on many different factors including the origin of the vehicle, the destination of the vehicle, the type of vehicle you are transporting, along with the time line you are working with. The agent with the auto transport company will be able to help you find out what you need to do in order to properly ship your vehicle.

In many cases, you should not ship any personal belongings in your vehicle. These could get jarred during the transport and cause issues for the driver and the vehicle. Personal belongings are not insured, unless they are less than 100 pounds in weight, and properly secured in the trunk. The cargo is insured up to $125,000.

To prepare a vehicle for auto transport, you'll want to ensure it is in running condition, clean on the inside and out, and prepared with all fluids such as oil and coolant. Remove all GPS systems and stereo systems that are not part of the vehicle. Provide a set of keys to the auto carriers to assist with loading and unloading your vehicle when it is picked up and dropped off. This will add around 5 miles to your vehicle in most cases.

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